Senior Thesis: The retelling

Graduating after (not so few) years of education and a chalked out path, it is intimidating to be thrown into the chaos of adulting. During such a momentous time, it is important for me to remember my roots, the people who helped me get here and the people i lost along the way and so, as I was preparing to cross the threshold I wanted to carry along the various anime characters that all represent strength and resilience to me.

My collection captures the innocence of the past while preserving the uncanniness of the future. The Kiki Face Sweater is the face of the famous Ghibli character from Kiki’s delivery service that goes on a journey to learn and grow and while her face is recognizable, it is so distorted that it is unfamiliar now. 

The lookbook

The parts that make the whole

It has been a long yet fulfilling journey and I am excited to enter the next phase of life which is mysterious yet magical.

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